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Greenhouse experiments are over

Geum rivale in greenhouse.

Geum rivale in greenhouse. © E. Padyšáková

Fieldworks of the Zelezne hory pollination project (more info here) already finished several weeks ago. Until last week, however, greenhouse experiments were still running. For the whole season, our group members assisted with removal of study plants from the Zelezne hory Mts. to a greenhouse of the Institute of Botany in Trebon. There, the botanists (with the help of Eliska) performed various pollination experiments and measurements of numerous plant traits related to pollination and general reproduction (such as flower orientation, symmetry, colour, size and shape, inflorescence architecture, or number of produced seeds). By now, the experimental flowers have ceased blossoming and the plants are thus set outside the greenhouse to wait for the “torture” in the next season.