Insect Communities

Brdy fieldwork is finished

Since late spring, Lucka has been sampling several groups of terrestrial arthropods in the abandoned military training area in Brdy. For her master thesis, she focuses on arthropods inhabiting shooting areas with different levels of disturbances. Besides the majority of our group members, also Ondra Sedláček and Marek Vojtíšek helped us a lot with the project and we are grateful to them. Last week, the last sampling was finalized and the field part of the project is thus finished. As a sign of good results, during the last mothing in the Jordan we were visited by Jersey tiger (Euplagia quadripunctaria), a Natura 2000 protected moth. Currently, all the material is being sorted and prepared for identification, we are looking forward to the results.

A study plot on the edge of a bomb crater in the Jordan shooting area. © S. Delabye