Insect Communities

First fieldwork in Železné hory

Last weekend Rob and Yannick were in the Železné hory Mts. for the first this-year fieldwork in Czechia. Together with Michael Bartoš, Štěpán Janeček and Jana Jersáková, we continued the collection of data on characteristics of pollination networks in the fragmented landscape. During this weekend we  focused on pollen limitation of individual plant species flowering in wet meadows, we hand pollinated four Spring plant species (Anemone nemorosaCaltha palustris, Cardamine pratensis and Viola palustris). In the coming weeks we will count produced seeds to compare it with naturally pollinated plants, as well as add new species into the experiments.

Experimental plants in wet meadows of the Zelezne hory Mts. © Y. Klomberg, R. Tropek