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Lectures on biodiversity of postindustrial sites

Students of ISA Lilla (and Rob) at the excursion to a sand mine. © J. Castelin

During the past month, Rob gave several lectures on our research of biodiversity and restoration of postindustrial sites. At the end of November, Rob has visited ISA Lille where he taught the topic for two days, followed by an excursion into two sites under restoration after mining. This was already a third year complex lecture for the international students, combining mutual visits of France and Czechia. This year seems to be highly successful, as one ISA Lille will probably spent her six months internship in our group. In mid-December, Rob gave two lectures, one for Czech and one for international students, at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague-Suchdol. Rob is giving these lectures regularly, as the CULS students are potentially ending up in practical conservation. Lastly, a week before Christmas, Rob gave a specialised talk on biodiversity and restoration of fly ash deposits for the new lecture series on degraded sites restoration at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, led by Prof. Pavel Kovář. Hopefully, all these talks and lectures will lead to more intensive application of ecological restoration practice in many projects in various postindustrial sites, as well as improvement of communication within our scientific field.