Insect Communities

Lucas has defended his master thesis!

Lepidopterans on flowers from our videorecordings as used on a title of Lucas’ thesis.

Last week, Lucas Brisson has defended at the University of Poitiers his ‘major master project’ (alternative of our MSc thesis) which was fully done during his Erasmus practical traineeship in our group. Lucas spent with us the last six months during which he has been working on his own project entitled ‘Role of butterflies and sphingids in pollination networks on Mount Cameroon’. When processing our material and data collected at four different elevations and two seasons on slopes of Mount Cameroon, he learned a lot of new skills, including processing of video recordings, identification of butterflies and moths, analayses of their interactions with flowering plants and many others. Moreover, he has joined us for our field project in the Krkonoše Mts. in April. All these resulted in the successful defense, first rank in his year, and the MSc degree. Congratularions! The thesis is of such high quality that we will transform it into a manuscript for some scientific journal. If you are also interested in Erasmus (or other) internship in our group, check this site.