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Moth dedicated to Gerald Durrell

From the material collected during our reasearch of lepidopteran communities of Mt. Cameroon, Roman Yakovlev and our close collaborator Szabolcs Sáfián have described a new species of carpenter moth (Cossidae). They decided to name it Geraldocossus durrelli after the amazing conservationist and naturalist Gerrald Durrell who wrote two books about his stays in Cameroon. Such a great idea! Durrell’s books (not only from Cameroon) have surely influenced many young biologists and thus contributed to research and conservation in many areas in the world.

Yakovlev R., Sáfián Sz. (2016) Geraldocossus gen. nov. (Lepidoptera, Cossidae) from Mount Cameroon (West Africa). Zootaxa 4114: 595-599.


Geraldocossus durrelli Yakovlev & Sáfián, 2016 ©Zootaxa