Insect Communities

New invasive crayfish for Czechia

During our long-term research of freshwater communities of lignite spoil heaps in Nortwestern Bohemia, we have also found several adult females of marbled crayfish (Procambarus fallax f. virginalis) in an artificial pool at the Radovesická spoil heap. Simultaneously, our colleagues led by Jiří Patoka have found another population inhabiting a public park in downtown Prague. Just recently, both our finds have been published by the Biologia journal. The marbled crayfish is an invasive species from Northern America with a strong impact on local communities of native crayfish, as well as the general freshwater biota. Unfortunately, it is a very common aquarium pet, the hobbyists are often responsible for its introduction to new localities. We hope that our new records will help to increase awareness amongst aquarists regarding the danger of spreading of unwanted non-native species. Simultaneously, we will try to initiate its eradication from both localities to avoid spreading to the common landscape.

Locality and picture of the marbled crayfish found in the Radovesická spoil heap. © V. Kolář (and Biologia).

Full citation: Patoka J., Buřič M., Kolář V., Bláha M., Petrtýl M., Franta P., Tropek R., Kalous L., Petrusek A., Kouba A. (2016) Predictions of marbled crayfish establishment in conurbations fulfilled: evidences from the Czech Republic. Biologia 71: 1380-1385.