Insect Communities

New publication on entomological collections digitization


Examples of the compact camera’s capabilities. © BINCO/Zookeys

Jan co-authored a paper in collaboration with BINCO (NGO focusing on biodiversity conservation) where they evaluate the use of relatively inexpensive compact cameras to digitize entomological collections. Museums often lack the means and manpower to push their massive collections towards the digital era.  Similarly, many entomologists, both professional and amateur, do not have access to expensive equipment. Professional camera systems are usually on the expensive side. In the article, recently published in Zookeys, Jan and others compared few compact cameras with such a professional setup. The quality and flexibility of the compact camera proves to be more than adequate in capturing the necessary taxonomic resolution. More information and comparison images can be found in the open-access publication.

Full citation: Mertens J.E.J., Van Roie M., Merckx J., Dekoninck W. (2017) The use of low cost compact cameras with focus stacking functionality in entomological digitization projects. Zookeys 712: 141-154.