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New publication on seasonal shifts of lepidopterans along elevation

Recently, our new study on biodiversity patterns of butterflies and moths along the elevational gradient of Mount Cameroon has been published in the Journal of Biogeography. On the huge dataset of almost 1,200 species of lepidopterans sampled at three seasons across four years, we are showing that individual species, as well as patterns of their diversity, shift along elevation seasonally. Therefore, our general understanding of biodiversity patterns along altitude and their causes can be biased by often seasonally-restricted sampling, especially in the tropics. It is also the core chapter of Vincent’s dissertation defended in the last summer. Congrats, Vincent, and thanks to numerous co-authors and collaborators troughout the past years!

Full reference: Maicher V., Safian Sz., Murkwe M., Delabye S., Przybylowicz L., Potocky P., Kobe I.N., Janecek S., Mertens J.E.J., Fokam E.B., Pyrcz T., Dolezal J., Altman J., Horak D., Fiedler K., Tropek R. (in press) Seasonal shifts of biodiversity patterns and species’ elevation ranges of butterflies and moths along a complete rainforest elevational gradient on Mount Cameroon. Journal of Biogeography.