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Newly described skipper from Mount Cameroon

Andronymus magma Sáfián & Tropek 2019 © Sz. Sáfián/Zootaxa

Biodiversity of Mount Cameroon is still rather poorly known. We know pretty well as we are constantly meeting unknown species of butterflies and moths. In such cases, we are doing our best to change it and to scientifically describe such newly discovered species.  Fortunatelly, we are collaborating with several experienced taxonomists, such as Szabolcs Sáfián for  butterflies. Now, the description of Andronymus magma has been published in the taxonomical journal ZootaxaSo far, we collected the species in lower elevations, around the Drink Gari camp, of the southwestern slope of Mount Cameroon only. As we are not aware on any other similar specimens to be collected elsewhere, we consider it as an endemic of the mountain. This is also the reason for the species name.

Full reference: Sáfián Sz., Belcastro C., Tropek R. (2019) Two new species in the genus Andronymus Holland, 1896 (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)Zootaxa 4624: 108-120.