Insect Communities

Packing for Africa

Currently we are preparing three different expeditions to Africa. Jan, Yannick, Vincent and our collaborator Michael Bartoš are leaving tomorrow, they will spend six weeks on the slopes of Mt. Cameroon. Robert will join an expedition with ornithologists from Prague (D. Storch, D. Hořák, O. Sedláček, M. Ferenc and T. Albrecht) on Tuesday, they will be sampling communities of birds and moths along a productivity gradient from the Namib desert to the Zambezi river valley. Eliška, Sylvain and a collaborating botanist Petra Janečková are leaving in less than two weeks going to the Bamenda Highlands to finish a few of our pollination studies and to perform a study on moths in a fragmented landscape. Moreover, our close collaborator Štěpán Janeček is leaving on Sunday to join both Cameroonian teams for a week each. Yesterday, we were packing the whole day, altogether 18 our luggages will hopefully reach Africa with us. In conclusion, cross your fingers for us and do not expect many replies in the next two months!