Insect Communities

A call for a Ph.D. student in our group!

For a project entitled Latitudinal patterns in specialization of wild bees: Metabarcoding of pollen loads along a cross-continental gradient, we are seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. student. It combines modern Next Generation Sequencing metabarcoding of pollen loads from wild bees, the most important pollinators in terrestrial ecosystems, with a standardised observational sampling of interactions at a whole-community level. The material and data are sampled at seven localities along the cross-continental (Africa and Europe) latitudinal gradient. The length of the study is 4 years and the position starts in October 2022.

The position will be co-funded by the STARS program ( of the Charles University, and by a project awarded to Dr. Robert Tropek (supervisor) by the Czech Science Foundation. !! Deadline 13th March 2022 (no possibility for extensions…). The complete call is here: