Insect Communities

Pollination Summer School

In the last week, Rob has participated on organisation of the German-Czech Summer School, together with Tiffany Knight and Demetra Rakosy from the Helmhotz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, and with Jana Jersáková from the University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice. Among many other student from Czech and German universities, Sailee, Pavla and Kobe from our group have attended the Summer School. We have spent a week in the White Carpathians Landscpape Protected Area in the southeastern corner of the Czech Republic. On the model comparison of natural and restored meadows, we have been teaching students how to study pollination networks. They have tried all project stages, from data sampling, through identification of visitors, up to data analyses. We all have enjoyed the entire week and are looking forward to repeat the experience sooner or later.