Insect Communities

Importance of postindustrial sites

Main results:

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Two fly ash deposits in the north Czech Republic (the Polabí region) harbor at least 72 species of bees and wasps included into the national red list, included 4 considered as nationally extinct and 15 critically endangered. (Tropek et al. 2013, Biological Conservation) During a research of distinct restoration methods in limestone quarries in the central Czech Republic (the Bohemian Karst landscape protected area) we found 69 endangered species of plants and arthropods. (Tropek et al. 2010, Journal of Applied Ecology) In limestone quarries of the eastern Czech Republic (south and central Moravia), 27 species of butterflies was found, including the nationally extinct Apollo (Parnassius apollo). (Beneš et al. 2003,Conservation Biology).