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Seminar on post-industrial sites in Krakow

Slope of Roudny, a sandy heap after gold mining.

Slope of Roudny, a sandy heap after gold mining. © R. Tropek

In the past week Robert was invited to give a seminar on post-industrial sites at the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Krakow. Rob has summarised the long-term research of our group, which proves that some industrial activities (such as mining or spoil heaping) are beneficial for many threatened species of animals and plants. During the seminar Rob also presented lessons learned from the intensive research on how various restoration tools affect the conservation potential of human-affected sites, together with some examples from practice.

Whoever is interested in reading more about restoration of post-industrial sites can have a look at an English book with our contributions or have a look at our recent publications on this topic listed here.