Insect Communities

Spring sampling in the Krkonoše Mts.

During May, our group (mainly Sailee, Kobe, Antigone and Eliska, but with a strong support of many others) resumed sampling in the Krkonoše Mts. in northern Czechia. We recorded floral visitors of plants in semi-natural forests along their altitudinal gradient. For comparability, we followed our protocol from Mount Cameroon. Having sampled lower elevations in the last year, we moved on to two higher elevations this spring. The fieldwork was interrupted by snow, which led to some mixed reactions from us. Fortunately the spring insects weren’t affected much, and we finished sampling successfully. Although we’ve got a lot of desk work ahead of us, our sampling in the forests of Krkonoše is complete!

Snapshots from Krkonoše: Some of the species we recorded, our study area, and our team.