Insect Communities

Sylvain Delabye, Ph.D.

Born 15th November 1990 in France


2012: B.Sc. in Ecology and Biology of Organisms, University of Rouen
2014: M.Sc. in  Environment, Soils, Water and Biodiversity, University of Rouen
since 2016: Ph.D. studies of Entomology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Thesis: Ecological drivers of biodiversity of Afrotropical butterflies and moths


since 2016: Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic (Ph.D. student, technician)

Research and study experience

2014: Gabon – ECOTROP: Field course of tropical ecology, 2 weeks
2014: ECODIV: Laboratory of Ecology, University of Rouen, France – internship, 6 months
2013: CEMAGREF, Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France – internship, 4 months


Delabye S. et al. (in press) Characterization and comparison of poorly known moth communities through DNA barcoding in two Afrotropical environments in GabonGenome.