Insect Communities

The first defended Ph.D. in our group!

Yesterday, Vincent Maicher has successfuly defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Biodiversity patterns of butterflies and moths on Mount Cameroon”. Vincent spent the last five years by studying biodiversity of Cameroonian moths and butterflies from various points of view. It comprised 7 expeditions to Mount Cameroon (2 of them fully led by Vincent), 14 months spent in the field, countless sleepless nights of moth collection, and ca 80 thousand of collected butterflies and moths (> 47 thousands included in the thesis). It all resulted in 8 chapters (published papers or manuscripts in various phases of review process) dealing with community ecology, conservation and taxonomy of Lepidoptera. Both reviewers, Prof. Toomas Tammaru and Dr. Thomas Merckx, were generally positive and initiated fruitful discussions on some of Vincent’s chapters. Finally, Vincent’s defence was successful. Honest congratulations, Dr. Vincent Maicher!

Vincent is getting ready for his dissertation defence.