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Two new butterflies from Mt. Cameroon

Recently, our description of two new butterfly species has been published in the Zootaxa journal. Both newly described butterflies were discovered during our projects at the middle elevations of Mt. Cameroon, neither of them are known to occur anywhere else in the world. Ceratrichia fako is a skipper flying in narrow forest gullies, Lepidochrysops liberti is a lyceanid occurring in the mosaic-like habitats of submontane forests. The paper is open-access, anybody can thus download it here.

Sáfián Sz., Tropek R. (2016) Two new butterfly species (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) from Mount Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea Highlands, Cameroon. Zootaxa 4150: 123-132.

Holotypes of Ceratrichia fako (Sáfián & Tropek, 2016) and Lepidochrysops liberti (Sáfián & Tropek, 2016).

Holotypes of Ceratrichia fako Sáfián & Tropek, 2016 and Lepidochrysops liberti Sáfián & Tropek, 2016. © Sz. Sáfián / Zootaxa