Insect Communities

Vincent and Sylvain at Afrotropical Lepidoptera Workshop

Last week, Vincent and Sylvain attended the 3rd Afrotropical Lepidoptera Worshop meeting organised in the Centre ValBio, a research station close to the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Vincent presented our research of patterns of lepidopteran biodiversity along the Mount Cameroonian altitudinal gradient, while Sylvain has introduced his first preliminary results on the patterns of biodiversity along a south African gradient of environmental productivity. This workshop brought together numerous taxonomists and ecologists working on Afrotropical Lepidoptera and thus allowed rich experience sharing and discussions. Simultaneously, the workshop included several Lepidoptera sampling sessions in the Park with rather unexplored biodiversity. Altogether, it was a great opportunity for Sylvain and Vincent to exchange new ideas, as well as to learn new methods of collecting and storing of moths.

Vincent presenting results of his dissertation.