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Artificial drainage ditches as refuges of dragonflies

Recently, our new study on biodiversity of Clipboard02dragonflies at post-mining sites has been published. During his Bachelor thesis Filip Tichánek, the first author, surveyed communities of dragonflies along drainage ditches of the uniquely dense network of the Radovesická spoil heap. The study revealed 22 species, eight of them nationally threatened. We have found also several species of lowland headwaters, one of the most endangered habitats in Central Europe. In the publication, we present detailed analyses of effects of various factors on conservation value of the dragonfly communities and application of these results in effective restoration of coal spoil heaps.

Full citation: Tichanek F., Tropek R. (2015) Conservation value of post-mining headwaters: drainage channels at a lignite spoil heap harbour threatened stream dragonflies. Journal of Insect Conservation 19: 975-985.

post-mining drainage channel

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