Insect Communities

Back from Mt. Cameroon: End of one project

Vincent, Sylvain and Pavel have returned from their fieldwork in Cameroon last Monday. Their expedition brought data on butterflies and moths from 80 bait traps exposed in total for 50 days, and from 30 full nights of manual collecting of moths attracted by light. After more than three years of intensive sampling at different elevations and seasons, we finally completed our sampling of lepidopterans along the Mt. Cameroon gradient. Simultaneously, our guys have started sampling both butterflies and moths in forest plots non-disturbed by forest elephants within Vincent’s grant project. Now, the sampled material is already waiting for its processing by us, as well as our numerous collaborators. Meanwhile, our field projects in Cameroon do not end, the next expedition for our pollination projects is planned to start in August.

Kobe and Pavel on their way to empty traps. © S. Delabye