Insect Communities

Julie’s successful internship in our group

This weekend, Julie Desmist from Université Paris-Saclay has finished her two months internship in our research group. At the Biology Centre CAS, she was assissting on our projects focused on biodiversity of Afrotropical moths under supervision by Vincent and Robert. She has been trained in the entire processing of the collected material, including moths setting, preparations and identification. After the initial training she has been involved mainly in Vincent’s project on effects of disturbance by elephants on biodiversity of rainforest Lepidoptera. Simultaneously, Julie has repeatedly joined Paja’s field sampling of moths in burnt forest plots. Altogether, Julie has learned various methods of work with Lepidoptera, both in field and lab. Moreover, she has been substantially involved in our projects which will surely lead to a co-authorship on a research paper. We thus evaluate her intership as highly successful and wish her good luck for the future career! Anybody interested in internship in our group should visit this page.