Insect Communities

Symposium on interacting butterflies in Bangalore

Rob, together with Marianne Espeland, will organise a symposium at the 8th Conference on Biology of Butterflies which will be organised in Bangalore, India, 11-14 June 2018. Acceptance of our symposium entitled “Interacting butterflies: From genes to communities” has been announced recently. You can check its invited speakers, together with other accepted symposia, here. Our symposium will focus on various interactions between butterflies and other organisms, including herbivory, pollination, relationships with ants, or predation. We are specifically focusing on combining molecular and “classical” ecological approaches of studying these interactions from the individual to community levels. We believe that it would be a good opportunity to connect researchers working on these topics from different points of view and by various methods and to learn from each other or even to find some connections allowing better understanding of the role of butterflies in ecosystems. If you are interested, consider your attendance as well once the conference registration will be open.