Insect Communities

Group meeting in the Ruda field station

During the last weekend, our group met in the Ruda field station. We welcomed several newcomers to our group (three new PhD students, one intern, check our Team page), the retreat programme was thus clear: to introduce each other and to socialise. In both, we succeeded! Each present group member presented her/his work, either previous or current. Simultaneously, Stepan introduced building of our new station in Buea, Cameroon. We also split for two trips: first part (mainly foreigners) visited fish harvest in the Rozmberk pond, the rest of us did the “traditional” hike to Vlkov village. Last but not least, we succeeded to finish a beer barrel, as well as a beer crate donated by Vincent by the lost bet. Altogether, the group retreat was successful and enjoyable and we are already looking forward to the next one!

Insect Community Ecology Group, as in the group meeting. © I. Šonský