Insect Communities

New paper on sunbird hovering

Cyanomitra oritis

Hovering Cameroon sunbird (Cyanomitra oritis) when feeding on Impatiens sakeriana. © Š. Janeček

Besides insects, some members of our group are collaborating on the project focused on relationships between flowers and their bird pollinators supervised by our close collaborator Dr. Štěpán Janeček. Already in 2011, we have been collaborating on a study revealing that sunbirds are able to hover during nectaring similarly to hummingbirds. In the recently published study, Eliška and Štěpán focus on circumstances under which Cameroon sunbirds (Cyanomitra oritis) hover during visits of endemic plant Impatiens sakeriana.

Padyšáková E., Janeček Š. (in press) Sunbird hovering behavior is determined by both the forager and resource plantBiotropica.