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New publication on a butterfly pollination system

Our case study of the butterfly pollinated Scadoxus cinnabarinus has just been published in the Arthropod-Plant Interactions journal. Our so far unique system of flowers video recording system was developed on a few case studies on the slopes of Mount Cameroon. The butterfly-pollinated S. cinnabarinus is the second one, which have just led to a publication. We (with Jan as the leading author) confirmed butterflies as the primary pollinators. However, they were supplemented by bees at the upper edge of its elevational range. Therefore, we show that even for particular species, the pollination syndrome concept is a useful tool to predict the primary pollinators. However, its predictability can be reduced under some conditions. We also discussed this should be considered in any large-scaled and multi-taxa studied. Check the paper, Jan prepared beautiful figures! And mainly check Jan’s “video abstract” on the studied pollination system below: