Insect Communities

Sampling in Kruger NP

Our team in the Kruger NP. © O. Novák

In late March, just before the covid lock-down, we have arrived from South African Kruger NP. Rob and Sylvain did the last sampling of insects for the large collaborative research on the role of large herbivores and water availability for savanna biodiversity. We were accompanied by Marketa Stankova setting bat recorders in our plots. This time, everything was smooth and without any problems and we brought a lot of material which will be processed in the next months. After sampling, we stayed in Skukuza and attended the Savanna Science Network Meeting. Sylvain presented his results from our previous project on moth diversity patterns along an environmental productivity gradient in south African savannas. Although our sampling in Kruger is already over, we are sure to find more opportunities to study insects in south African savanna.