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New publication on biodiversity of Bimbia forest

We have collaborated on a recently published study on biodiversity of the Bimbia Bonadikombo Community Forest (BBCF) in southwestern Cameroon. BBCF is one of the very last remnants of a unique Afrotropical habital of coastal forests, making it an important area for biodiversity conservation on the continental scale. However, almost no extensive data on its biodiversity existed until recently, besides surveys of plants and large mammals. In our study, we focused on biodiversity of trees, birds and fruit-feeding butterflies standardisedly collected in series of permanent plots. The comparison with lowland forests of the near Mount Cameroon National Park confirmed its high importance for the regional biodiversity conservation as BBCF harbours a relatively large part of species not occuring in our study plots within the national park. Unfortunately, BBCF is under urgent threat of ongoing intensive logging and conversion into farmlands even within a small areas designated for the non-interventional management, nature conservation and eco-tourism.