Insect Communities

Sampling of plant-pollinator networks in Milovice

After many months of computer work, we have enjoyed almost the entire May in the field. We have started a large project recently supported by the Czech Science Foundation (Junior Star project, PI-ed by Rob), focused on latitudinal trends of plant-pollinator interactions as sampled at seven localities from South Africa to northern Norway. The pandemics has slightly postponed the project beginnng, so we have started in Czechia, in the adandoned military training area of Milovice, recently rewilded by European bisons, aurochs and wild horses (more details in Czech and some pictures here: Virtually the entire team has optimised all sampling protocols to get prepared for the future abroad localities. We have also sampled various data on pollination systems of ~40 currently flowering plant species, despite the ‘sub-optimal’ in many days, and the wild horses loving to play with our camera systems. It was very nice to be in the field, especially in such nice and diverse piece of nature!