Insect Communities

Summer sampling of plant-pollinator networks in Norway

After successfully sampling at Milovice despite the interfering wildlife, we continued fieldwork for our project focused on latitudinal trends of plant-pollinator interactions. This time, six team members drove to northern Norway to sample at the northernmost site in the project (and to experience the midnight sun!). Four days and six countries later, we made it to Sommerdalen in Borselv, where we spent the next three weeks setting up cameras, collecting nectar, and measuring flowers, among many other kinds of data. We studied various aspects of the pollination systems of 24 flowering plant species, some even growing in bogs. Unlike in Milovice, the animals left our cameras in peace, and we wrapped up fieldwork without a hitch. We shall return here in the the subarctic spring to finish the sampling and to take in more of the beautiful Norwegian landscapes!

Photo collage from Norway: clockwise from top left: a view of one of the sampling plots, a butterfly feeding on a flower, the team on a gorge, a bumblebee feeding on a flower