Insect Communities

Three new graduates in our group!

Last week, three of our students successfully completed their degrees at the Charles University. Dominik Anýž and Jan (Honza) Filip have been awarded by MSc degrees for their theses in pollination ecology at the Department of Ecology. Dominik has performed preliminary analyses on patterns in plant reproduction strategies along elevation in Afromontane grasslands on Mount Cameroon. Because of covid difficulties, his data have still not been final and we will finish the sampling in November. Honza’s thesis stayed in Czechia, as he focused on the role of hoverflies in pollination networks of the Železné hory Mts. Václav Koďousek has defended his BSc thesis at the Institute for Environmental Studies. In his BSc thesis, he has reviewed the available information on effect of fires on butterflies and moths. We are also extremely happy that all three will continue working with us, Václav as a Master’s student, whilst Dominik and Jan as our newest Ph.D. students. Congratulations to all of them, and best of luck for their journeys ahead!